the wanderings my mind takes

Ahhhhh, peace and quiet!


So, now I am a blogger! Let’s see how long this lasts. I needed something new in my life and this is free! So here I sit – talking to open space. Well, I am used to that. I have been married for 29 years and he hasn’t listen to what I am saying for about 28 of them! Surprised smile

I also have two sons, but they don’t like me talking about them. So, nuf said.

Our house is run by two spoiled cats. Dro is a big, fluffy female. She purs so loud she can wake us up.P5260066

The other is a tom named Taz. The name says it all. I’ll place a pic when I post from the desktop. I just happened to find one of Dro on the laptop. So she gets special treatment today.

My husband, Jim, retired a few years ago. After a year of that, he started college. We are a year into it and it has been a loooonnnnggg year! But, he is at a class right now and it is peaceful.

I sometimes feel I am never alone! The rare moments I am totally alone in this house, I kick back and enjoy the silence. Of course, there is the constant meowing of pesky cats, but I can ignore them. They have yet to learn to pronounce Mom or Deb, so too bad for them.

I really enjoy creating. Mostly, with textiles of some kind. Of late, I have been knitting. That’s what I should be doing right now (need to finish Christmas presents). I’ll get to it later.

When I figure out how to do this blogging thing, I’ll try to add some patterns. Or, links to some patterns! The ones I’ve tried to create thus far have not turned out quite right. Made a sweater for a sister for Christmas from my own pattern. It came out two sizes too big! and doesn’t hang well. I should have used wool but there aren’t many places or many choices in this town. Besides, the color was perfect, just not the execution of the plan.

Dang, there went peace and quiet! My younger son, Alx, just called. I must hunt something down for him. What is it about a day off that says, ‘ Hey, I have nothing to do, so give me a list! ‘

Well, as you will discover if you wander into my blog, I am a talker. So, this could possibly be very lengthy. But good enough for now. Let’s see if it will post.

bye bye for now,


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