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Wasted Day

Last night, my oldest, Nick, asked me to make sure he got up at 4:30 am. Now, a lot of the time, I am up most of the night, but lately, I’ve been getting to sleep by 2am. And, of course, that’s what happened! I rested my eyes for a minute and woke up at 5:45am – still in the recliner.

After just a couple of hours of sleep, I didn’t make it far into the day. At 10, I decided to lay down for a couple of hours. Yeah! Woke up at 2p and still haven’t gotten a darn thing done.

I just spent 2 hours trying to get my computer to stop complaining about the trayapp – with no success! I have deleted and reloaded my printer driver 6 times!!! I swear HP does these things to drive us to buy another. Not this time!!! I just bought this one last winter and I refuse to fall into their trap. I just leave the computer on forever!

Well, out of guilt, I ordered pizzas. Besides, I still haven’t done the grocery shopping. When you work there, you don’t want to visit on your day off. Pizza always flies in this house. My men can put away two large in moments.

I had to rip out the last sleeve for a cardigan I’m knitting – again! Why is it that the closer you are to being done with a project, the more that goes wrong to delay the end? I am determined to get it done this weekend, though. I will sit till my bottom goes numb, if necessary. I have tonight and tomorrow ( used a vac day for Saturday – yeah!) to finish it. I had hoped to get 2 projects blocked and together this 3 day mini vacation, but that’s how it goes.

My plan was to get these done and start my Christmas cards next weekend. I have all the focal points colored and glittered. That was the easy part! I can’t even decide what colors to use with them!! Last night, I came up with an idea of dark blue with snowflake cutouts over white cardstock. Maybe, I’ll have the blue above the focal point, also. I am itching to try one and see the effect. But, it must wait till the sweaters are done or I won’t get back to them.

Pizza is here!

bye bye


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