the wanderings my mind takes

Ahhhhh! Peace and Quiet

Hunting season starts tomorrow. Jim headed up right after class on Friday.

Yesterday, Alx worked and Nick went to a party. It was just me and the cats and the cats slept all day. Wow, was it quiet in this house!

I watched 4 movies and finished knitting/seaming my sweater. Didn’t get the buttons on though, Dro decided she needed a lot of loving about that time.

It was great! I swept and vacuumed and it lasted most of the night!!! For some reason, as soon as I clean a floor – someone needs to walk across it with dirty shoes. But not this time! It was great looking at clean floors all night.

Well, it was a nice 3 days off, but now it is back to the grind. Time to plaster on the fake smile and start humming songs in my head. (The songs keep me from screaming.)

I had Cam (my friend’s 4 yr old) on Friday. I took the opportunity to spoil him rotten! We went to the craft store (that was for me) and he got his name in BIG letters – I got lots of scrapbooking stuff. Then we hit McD’s, were I let him play before eating (baaaad). That boy reminds me of Alx when he was little – makes friends everywhere! Then, we visited his mama at work – where I forgot to get my schedule – oops.

Just so you know, I did feed him before we left. He is this tiny little thing that never stops eating! Which is like Nick was!!! Or still is? Nick doesn’t seem to eat as much and then he spends a day at home!!! Yeah, men can burn some calories just breathing!

I got my test results back for my CT scan and miracle of miracles, they said it was normal. Problem is they didn’t see the tumor I’ve had all my life. This is the same place that said I had brain aneurysms last year, so who knows. Guess I’ll have to have another one somewhere else.

Time to get ready for work.

bye bye for now

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