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I’m back!

My husband bought me a new laptop a couple of days ago. My son, Alx, had been using mine since his died. It is nice to sit in my recliner, surfing the net.

This one is a tiny little HP. It has icore5, 6g ram and 620g hard drive. And a little 14” screen – which is what I wanted! Jim’s has a 17” screen, ugh. Talk about taking up space. It was easier to go to the backroom and use the desktop. Even my old Dell had a 15.4” screen and felt big and unwieldy. Yes, I love this tiny little laptop.HP dm4-2070us 14" Notebook

It has this fingerprint thing. I can slide my finger across this itsy, bitsy scanner below the keyboard and it uses it for my password. Even keeps others from using my laptop. Of course, they could just choose to type in my password, if they know it.

So, I hadn’t mentioned it, but I lost my job. I won’t give details, but I have been a bit depressed from it. I’m too young for retirement, but just don’t want to work for someone else, again. I have interviewed a couple of times. I get the feeling they aren’t impressed with my grey hair! It just makes a person more depressed.

Anyway, I am going to try doing the blog for a living thing. I guess that means I’ll have to post more than once every six months! :0 They say it needs to be based around one thing or idea. I have never been able to limit myself to one interest, so that may cause a problem.

I have the talking part down. I can yak for hours. There just might not be anyone that wants to listen!!!

Time to surf and get info on blogging. I don’t even know how to add all the junk that is suppose to bring in the money. Maybe there is an eBook. I love my eBook reader and am more apt to read something that is on it. Too bad the books aren’t made very well. EBooks aren’t edited!!!

Bye for now

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  1. Yeah, that so didn’t happen. Guess I’ll have to earn money the old-fashioned way. Get a JOB!

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