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Columns Dishcloth

clip_image002 Columns Dishcloth

This is a very easy pattern to do. I have made a few of these and the thing I like about it is that I can leave it sit for a few days and after looking at it know what stitch to do.

The one pictured, is two different yarns. I didn’t have enough of the variegated, so I did two rows of each. I prefer doing my rows like that, so the yarns aren’t cut.

Just drop one and pick up the other. I do a twist usually, it makes a cute edge.

I use cotton yarn and a #5 needles (I am working on one with multiple cotton threads stranded together and #2.5 needles, just added a few more stitches.)

Cast on 50 and knit 2 row for garter edge.

Row 3 – *k2p1* across. End with 2 k

Row 4 – knit across

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until piece measures 11 3/4 “

Knit 2 rows for garter edge and bind off.

You can make a deeper edge, but this way, you know if the tail is at the beginning it’s a k2p1 row.


Columns Dishcloth PDF

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