the wanderings my mind takes

Ahhhhh choo

Today was going great, but then it started to storm. . .

The chili came out pretty good. I ground up my homegrown, dried chili peppers and used that instead of store bought chili powder. It does have a different flavor, but I blame the sneeze while shaking black pepper into the pot. Ooooopppsssss!

I had originally planned on this blog being about my knitting and sewing, mostly. But, since all I seem to do is eat, it may have more recipes than patterns.

I had misplaced some of my favorites and was having to search online for replacements. Today, I found them! So, the no-bakes recipe I got online is the same as the one I got from my lil sis, 15 years ago. That had worked out well.

I found my mother in laws recipe for Buckeyes. She gave this to me way, way back. She left us Oct. 29th, 1994. So, we know it is old. She had used it for decades, herself. Now every recipe has to be made your own, so I did make slight changes. I grind up the graham crackers a bit finer and whip the heck out of the center dough. It makes it silky smooth!! They are well loved. I used to make them for Christmas and take them to work. Never had any left!

I don’t know what they’ll do this year! I don’t work there anymore, so no more Buckeyes. Maybe, I’ll take a few in for a few special people. Like the ones that used to start asking for them early December! Winking smile

My old man went off hunting. He left yesterday. He hunts out by Hillsdale, MI, at his cousin’s place. I truly love my husband of 30 years, but I also truly love hunting season. Surprised smile

I seriously doubt I could kill an animal to eat, but I really love my meat. The venison saves us a fortune in grocery $, also. I instructed him to get two! My men eat a lot.

I cook the venison like beef. We eat venison stroganoff, venison tacos, venison spaghetti and venison chili, to name a few. Like I said, I use it just like beef. Any recipe that calls for beef, I can use venison. Just add a bit of oil or butter, cause wild meat has no fat.

It seems silly, but I can’t seem to relax or get as much done with Jim home. He is in this horrible math class that makes him very grumpy. When I tell him that he is being grumpy, he growls. So, I told him to go hunting until class time and leave from class and go back! Smile with tongue out  Enough of his growling.

Tomorrow, I need to figure out how to make this font bigger. I keep trying to change it and it changes right back. Maybe it’s because I’m doing the free blog bit. It sure doesn’t let you play with it.

Here is Margaret’s Buckeye recipe pdf. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


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