the wanderings my mind takes

Yesterday was great with the family.

My sister, Lisa and her son, Robert came over for the day. Her and I made a mess of the kitchen, ate way too much and vegged for a bit. It was nice. We don’t too often get to spend time together.

My sons, Nick and Alx, decided that the savings on games was too much to pass at Walmart. We all trudged over there about 7:30pm and found our spot to wait. When we got there, the employees had told the people in a nice orderly line that there WAS NO LINE! So, we were all just gathered around where they told us.

About 45 minutes later, they decided there were too many of us and taped off an aisle for the games. We were told to gather at each end. My sons and I walked to the other end because they told the people that had just walked up and they charged to be first. Thirty minutes later, the store manager informs us we are at the WRONG end! He made us go to the end of the line!!!!

To say the least, I told him off. If they don’t know how to do their job, they shouldn’t get the big bucks. I took what I had in my cart out and refuse to spend a dime there. If they treat me bad, I spend my money elsewhere.

My sons still waited and spent their money. Too many people let establishments like Walmart treat them poorly. If you take your money down the road, they will stop. They want your dollars.

Oh well, enough of that. Today, I need to get to Kmart and get my husband’s pants. He prefers Rustler jeans and I only found them at Walmart and Kmart. Since I didn’t get them last night! Besides, Kmart has a better sale. If they are gone when I finally drag myself over there, I’ll order them online. Actually, I think I’ll just order them. That way I can get the laundry caught up and not fight for a parking spot.

After working at Meijer for over 8 years, I just don’t want to go out to shop. I already have both sons items ordered. Even found and ordered what they wanted to get for their father – for them. I love the internet!!!!

Bye for now,


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