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Alx’s Beanie


Alx’s Beanie    pdf

Less than a skein of yarn worsted weight (I use acrylic because I know it will go in the machine!)

#5 or 3.75 mm needles one 16”circular and a set of double points

You can use double points from the beginning, if preferred

CO 84 sts. Place a marker and join in the round making sure not to twist.

Work k2p2 for 1 ½” rib.

Next round, switch to stockinette stitch (knit all sts.)

Continue in stockinette until it measures 5 ½”

Next row, start decreasing. *K12 k2tog* repeat from * to marker.

Next row will be k11 k2tog and each row after will be one lower for the k.

When you can no longer work the hat on the circular needles, transfer to db pts.

Continue the decrease rows until there are only 12 sts left. Cut yarn leaving 10” at least for tail. Thread through yarn needle. Slip stitches off onto needle with yarn. Tie to first st and run yarn through a couple of stitches and into the inside of hat. Trim close.

This hat fits my son’s head (23 ½”). He prefers it to just reach across his ears.

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