the wanderings my mind takes

Let’s hope

So today was such a blah! The husband was stressing over his math and being a real turd. I grabbed my laundry, laptop, knitting and a glass of Pepsi and headed upstairs. If you can’t smack’em, then hide from him! Right!

Since I lost my job, just a couple of months after quitting smoking, I have really had a problem with eating. I have replaced smoking with munching. I just can’t seem to stop. Anyway, I have really put on a great deal of weight.

Today became the day to sort the clothes into :

I can wear

I can never wear again

I might lose a few pounds and wear again

The I might wear again pile became 3 huge tubs of clothes before I gave up. There is no place left to stash clothes that I might wear again – when I lose 10 pounds.

It called for a trip down the stairs for candy. Egad! There is no candy left in my house!!! Thank goodness for the baking cabinet – chocolate chips to the rescue.

I trudged back upstairs with my goodies – got myself propped up on the bed and prepared to gorge.

The phone rang right about then. I had emailed my resume in for a position and I was being asked to come in for an interview! Yeah, a job to keep me out of trouble. Oh, wait, what do I wear? Nothing fits! It is an office position and I will need to dress in business attire. Two sizes ago, I could have had many choices. Now, I will have to wear either too dressy or too casual. I can’t even run out and buy something because the unemployment ran out. No moolaa. Damn.

At least it kept me from eating the chocolate chips.

Tomorrow, I will go through the closet and find something appropriate to wear.


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