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Trying Something New

Okay, so the last time we spoke, I had a job interview.  It turns out, I’m not so good at using Microsoft Office.  I’ve been using it forever, but there are parts that I never used and didn’t know how.  So, I failed the test.  It wasn’t meant to be.

So, then, I decided to clean my back closet.  I have two boxes full of crafting magazines.  These things are like new.  I am notorious for purchasing them, looking through them, and packing them away.  Once in a while, I actually plan to make something out of one.  Rarely do, though.

207Anyway, I decided that there had to be people out there that could use these. So, I opened a website

Here, you will find sewing, quilting and crocheting magazines and books for sale.  There will be more types eventually.  I am learning how to build a website as I go, so, it is going slow.

I hope to get my made product posted to the site soon.  I q122have been making sleeping masks for years.  I also have on knit headbands and other things.  Mostly, I stick with knitting and sewing.
I love to sit and feel the purr of my sewing machine. It’s a meditation for me. As for the knitting, I can do that while watching TV.

I have a sweater almost done for my oldest birthday (tomorrow!). I checked it on him for size and saw his face. Sad smile  Haven’t been rushing to get it done, after that. I should have known better. He isn’t much of a sweater person. Maybe it will fit Alx (younger son). He likes sweaters, or he lies better!
I did get some good news.We got our dental back. Chrysler retirees had lost their dental. But, with the new year, we got it back. It doesn’t cover much, but is better than nothing.

So today, I go for a cleaning. I guess I better get ready.At least it’s not a filling!

Until next time,


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  1. Post a picture of the sweater!! Have got to see what it looks like it!!

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