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Okay, I’m broke. I lost my job of 8 1/2 years last April. Since my husband had retired a couple of years before, we really counted on that income.

Anyway, it would seem that a fiftyish woman without education is not in high demand. I couldn’t even get a call back for the neighborhood grocery store!

I colored my hair and tried to change my style (hard to do on no income), but I still can’t get past the first interview. Must be me!! I am saying something wrong. It is as simple as that,

The savings is gone and I will not lose my house! In a household of four adults, only one has a job. My food bill alone could make my house payment.

Long story short, I am selling everything I can. So, if all one of you that is following my blog would take a peek at my ebay items, it would be greatly appreciated. Mostly, it is crafting stuff. The only person willing to get rid of things is me. But, there are a few items from the menfolk. Nick has a couple of helmets up right now. I have sewing and knitting magazines and books. Here is the link to Knitting from the Top – great book!

I’ll be putting up my Cricut Create soon. I may even put up the Expression and all the cartridges and Gypsy. We do what we must. Besides, I have way too many toys.

I have used up all my 50 free listings for this month and only sold something of Nick’s, so I will have to wait a few days until I have more free listings. But, there are still plenty of items for you to look through.

Thank you


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