the wanderings my mind takes

Just can’t win!

Ever feel like no matter what you do it isn’t going to change the outcome? Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

The eBay thing is going okay, considering what I have to sell. Sold something of Nick’s and a couple of my magazines. But, when I figured out the fees, it turns out that all that work was for a few dollars. The fees have gotten very high! And, my items are low costing. I ended up making only a little over a dollar each magazine.

I’ll keep plugging away at it, though. I don’t have much choice.

Ackkk! Sorry, I’m being morbid. Negativity doesn’t help. As Mema used to say, “ Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it!”

I bugged the local grocery store until the woman said when next hiring, she would call me first. She could have been blowing me off. I’m not going to stop, though. Every time I shop in there, I ask if they’re hiring and give my name. They start you at minimum wage, but it is real close to my house. I could walk to work!

Wish I could get a job at the hospital. For some reason, I can’t apply for positions. You can only apply online and have to sign up. I did and applied for everything I could, but when ever I try to go back it won’t let me apply anymore.

I tried to fool it by using Jim’s computer. I was able to apply for a couple of positions and it started locking me out again. Very strange.

Next week, our Sprint contract is up. Well, not mine! I had upgraded a year ago. But, I called and I can buy mine out for $100. Since they keep raising the cost, it is worth it. When we signed up, it was $138 plus tax a month. They discontinued the Chrysler discount on all but the first phone two months after we signed. Then slowly, they started raising fees. Last month, our bill was $221! Screw that!!!

I found a service with no contract. It says unlimited calling, text and data on 3g (we don’t have any 4g around here, anyway) for $40 a month. You have to supply your own unlocked phone. Sprint phones won’t work! So we dug around and found a couple of old phones from our AT&T days. AT&T supplied me with the unlock codes, so we are set to go.

We donate everything! Until I lost my job, we took about 3 truck loads a year to Goodwill, alone. So, all our phones were donated, too. Except for an old HTC 8925 and a LG VU. Jim doesn’t like either of them, of course. I’ll have to buy a phone for him. Too bad my HTC EVO can’t be used. That’s a lot of $ down the drain. And, I’ll miss it!!!

You should check out the mobile service site.

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