the wanderings my mind takes

Trying to quit smoking

Today is the day. I have not had a cigarette yet! It is 2:01 pm and I have not had even a puff!!! Smile

I’m about to go nuts, though. I used the wellbutrin and after 4 weeks, I was still smoking. Now that stuff worked for me before ( I know!! Why in the world did I start back up!!) but when I got it refilled they gave me some different stuff and said it was the same. I’m thinking not, since last time cigarettes tasted nasty on the wellbutrin and this time I feel like my throat is closing up for my need to have a bit of nicotine! Sad smile

Gotta stay busy, must not think about it! I tried cooking, but I always have a smoke after eating – so I can cook but don’t eat it! Then I tried playing my facebook game, but the stupid thing keeps refreshing and it makes me so frustrated that I want to scream which means I need a smoke to calm down and now I am ranting and my fingers just keep typing – OMG! This is the hardest thing I have ever done and I gave birth twice!

I think I’ll go clean the spiders off my house. That should keep me busy for a bit, but first I must find some chocolate! I need a lot of chocolate. Maybe, a chocolate sundae or fudge brownies! That’s what I need to make – fudge brownies with chocolate frosting!!!

Great, now I am going to get huge! Maybe, I should stick with cleaning the spiders off the house. It sounds a lot less fattening. .  .  .  then I’ll reward myself with a bit of chocolate. I can always go for a bike ride to burn off the chocolate. Winking smile

I may be back again today. This is going to be my outlet for the nicotine withdrawal agony. Good thing no one reads my blog Smile or they’d think I was insane!!!!

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