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Day 2 of not smoking

I woke from a dream where I was smoking a cigarette! It tasted soooo goooood! I was still in that dream state when I came down the stairs and went to light up.

Oooops! No smokes!!! I had forgotten that I had quit! Not a great start to day 2.

Take my pill and hope it helps. Please let it help!!

Two hours later and I’m still itching for a light. No, the pill is not helping this time. Well, I shouldn’t say that, it would be much worse without the pill to ward off cravings. I quit once when the boys were little. I went cold turkey! It felt like someone had their hands around my throat – all the time!!

No, I would rather take something that helps a little than try that again.

I also started a sweater for son #2. That keeps my fingers busy with something besides cigs. He had already picked out the yarn and it was sitting there waiting for me to get around to it, so when I couldn’t stand it and was ready to pull old butts out of ashtrays, I pulled out the pattern and started it. That was last night. Today, my hands hurt from holding onto the power washer handle. Knitting is out of the question, right now.

Time to go to the craft store. We have this great one – Crafts 2000. Some company bought it and it is different now, but still the same in so many ways. They have stuff Hobby Lobby doesn’t. I need soaping supplies and theirs is much better.

So, today should be pretty full. I need to put up the rest of the zuchinni and cabbage. I want to make a batch of soap – maybe the cucumber mint. I need to sweep and mop (I tracked in a lot of dirt yesterday washing away spiders). Hmmmm, there was something else. What was it? It seems like it was something important. Oh well, it must not have been too important if I can’t remember it.

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  1. Hi! I’m in the slow (but sure) process of stopping my cigarette smoking habit myself, and I just want to congratulate you on your really commendable efforts! We can definitely beat this thing and push through!
    I was inspired by this anecdote by a man whose father was able to quit somewhat cold turkey. Maybe you’d like to pay it a visit…

    Good luck to us!
    Best wishes,
    Gerry 🙂

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