the wanderings my mind takes

Call your Mother!

Man, I had nightmares all night!! I bet I woke up six times. I finally gave up at 7am.

So the dreams were strange in the sense that aliens were in control of all humans. The world was pretty much decimated and if we blinked wrong we were incinerated with a zap. But, the nightmare part was that I couldn’t find son #2. I would catch a glimpse of him in the distance but couldn’t catch up.

That pretty much describes life with him. Since he was 12 years old, he has been leaving us behind. Always just out of reach.

I know why I had the dream. I haven’t talked to him since Wednesday and then he wasn’t feeling well. Where he is at, he has to call me, no cells and no incoming calls accepted. Jeez, and he probably won’t call again for a week! They just don’t understand what it is like being a mother!!!! I don’t care how old you become, your mom is going to worry and fret!

So, for children everywhere, old and young – CALL YOUR MOTHER! She worries about you.

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