the wanderings my mind takes

Day 3

So far, today is going well.

Yesterday, I went shopping and bought cookies, candy, pop and donuts!!! I thought if that was what it took to stay away from cigarettes, then that was what I would do.


I ate so much junk that I was sick all night. My stomach rebelled! I was in actual pain from sugar!!

Moderation is a very important tool in life. When we give in to our desires and over-indulge, we will pay the price. This holds true for everything, also. Can you think of anything anyone has let themselves be wholly consumed by that they didn’t lose out somewhere else in their life?

Sure, the great philanthropists have had an all consuming drive to succeed and they did. But, did they not also miss out on something else in life? I don’t mean people that have succeeded, but people that were consumed with succeeding.

Ok, I am getting off topic. My mind tends to wander from one point to another.

The smoke free life seems to be succeeding for me. I know, it’s only day 3, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. But, positive thinking is a good thing. Shouldn’t I plan on being smoke free forever? Should I not see this as the way my life will proceed from this point forward?

I say yes. And so today, I think I will wash my drapes and get all that nasty nicotine out of them. I wonder what color they will be once I do? Nicotine stains everything a yucky yellow. When I wash them will they go back to the beautiful sage green they were originally?

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