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Fire! Day 4

It is very upsetting to be awakened before dawn to be told the house next to yours is on fire!! My first thought was “Is he home? Did he get out?”

Yes, he got out and the fire department was on their way, but your house is melting!! You may want to turn a hose on it.

I pounded on my son’s bedroom door, calling for him to get out. His bedroom is practically in the neighbors house! There is only 8 feet between our houses! The flames were shooting out the window, melting the side of our house – where my son was sleeping!!

As I called for him to get the cat out, I ran out the back door and grabbed the hose. Here I am, my arms shoved through the lilac bush trying to spray water on our roof. For some reason, the water was barely making it to the side of the house. WHAT THE HECK!

I dropped the hose and started tracing back, trying to figure out why I couldn’t get any pressure. There, about 20’ away was a kink. And another. And another. Jeez, my house will be burned down before I get any darn water flowing.

All set. The kinks are out and the water is flowing and finally, the fire department is here!!! Yay!!! It had felt like forever, but in reality was only about 10 minutes. I was spraying my house and they started spraying the neighbor’s.

Unfortunately, their hose is much more powerful than mine and it blew hot ash back toward me. I decided to let them do their job – alone.

I have offered a few times for the neighbor to come into our house. Come have a cup of coffee! Here, come sit with us. I’ll make you breakfast. But, he is in shock and just stares at what is left of his home, saying ‘ No, that’s okay.”

All this transpired before 7 am. By 7:20, it was all I could do not to smoke. I made coffee, which all turned down (I must not make very good coffee!). I called the insurance company and reported the damage. I called my sister and cried a bit. And finally, I sat down and started writing.

This really does help me to not smoke! While my mind is saying, “You deserve a cigarette! It will calm you down. Just one won’t hurt.” I just keep typing away, silently saying, “SHUT UP! I AM NOT A SMOKER ANYMORE!!!”

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