the wanderings my mind takes

Day 6

Yesterday was exhausting! I never even got on my puter!!! If you knew me, you would be amazed.

Hubby finally came home last evening. I showed him the fire damage – he was not impressed. He designed and built this house. I think he loves it more than me!

I had to drive #1 son up to Troy for his follow-up after surgery. Looonnnggg drive! He slept there, to his brother’s and back home!!! Me, I was pinching myself to stay awake. I’d open a window (brisk breeze yesterday!) so the wind would wake me up a bit and he’d reach over and close it. Said it was cold on him! What a butthead! 😉

Stopped off – or rather drove over to where son #2 is staying. I thought it would be another 20 minutes, maybe. Wrong, another hour!! But, I had told him I would so I had to. Then I didn’t get to see him.

It was a nice drive, though. He is in Richmond, MI and the country up there is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that area – knowingly.

In an hour, the insurance adjuster will be here. I hope it goes well. There is not just siding damage! As the day worn on, the smoky smell turned into stains on my walls!! And the neighbors had cats (so do I but I use Revolution and no fleas!!). By that evening, I was sitting in my favorite chair and my legs were getting eat up. I couldn’t figure out why. We had given Taz his treatment a couple of days ago.

I got out the Lysol spray (sounds weird, but that’s what I use) and sprayed down my chair.

Didn’t help! 😦  My legs were covered in flea bites! I was frustrated and tired, so I went to bed.

We were gone most of the day yesterday, so I didn’t sit down till late. As soon as I did, I started getting bit again. My husband looked at me and said, “ Fire chased them over here.”

What the heck! My house is full of fleas!! I haven’t had this problem in years. Not since we started using Revolution. It not only kills them on the cat, but everywhere the cat lies. But, there are so many now that it just can’t do it. The cat is fine, but the humans are getting eaten alive!

So, I plan to tell her that the infestation needs to be taken care of too. Everything in the house has to be cleaned to get rid of the smoke smell and fleas. What a job!

Time to shower. I want to be fresh and perky when she gets here. I’ve never had to do this before. Cars and accidents – been there, but house – no. The only damage we have ever had would be from storms and minor – we took care of it ourselves. This is way too costly! I lost my job last month and there is no way we can afford the repairs. And it has to be done right away. Winter will be here before you know it.

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