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Day 7

Day 7 hasn’t been too bad! I think I’m going to make it!!

When hubby came home and was smoking every second of the day, I took pause. I caught myself following him – breathing in his trail of smoke. But that was yesterday and it was a crappy day!

The insurance adjuster informed us that they don’t have to match our siding up! I kinda freaked out on her. I told her that I was not going to let them lower my house value by 10s of thousands of dollars. So, we know we are going to have a fight on our hands.

I was a bit depressed about it all. Why does everything have to be a fight? In the end, they are going to side the whole house. So, why must they give us a bunch of crap first? Our first claim in 20 years and this is how they treat us? If they drag it out, I guess I’ll be insurance shopping.

I am one of those that prefer to stay with the same company and agent. For years, I’ll just keep paying and paying. I did argue with them the last renewal. They insist on insuring our house for almost double its value. That means I’m paying double what I should be and I finally had enough and wanted it lowered. But, they wouldn’t do it and I still didn’t leave them.

Now, after paying them too much all this time and them making me carry all that extra insurance, I file a claim and they don’t want to pay out!!

Yes, yesterday, I really wanted a smoke. Almost as bad as when the house next door tried to take mine with it in flames. But, I didn’t light up. I reminded myself that if I did, I would have to start the process all over! Another month of taking the meds that make everything taste yucky. Another month of counting the cigs I smoke – trying to make myself aware of my smoking habit. Another month of paying out a small fortune for smokes!!

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