the wanderings my mind takes

Day 9

So, I’m doing this real well. I cleared all the ashtrays out the first day and it really helped. My hubby, who still smokes, has to find an ashtray when he wants to smoke.

Yesterday, he went to sit in his livingroom chair and the ashtray had disappeared! I didn’t even remember removing it. He has been home a few days and sat there each evening, so apparently I picked it up the night before and put it in the sink. Oops!

He needs to quit, too! I have tried talking to him about it. It is a subject he does not want to discuss.

He is trying to smoke in the house less. I had teased him that it was no longer allowed and when he first came home, he actually went outside to smoke! But, it doesn’t seem right to tell a man that worked hard all his life to pay for our home that he can’t sit, relax and have a smoke in his own home.

He can’t smoke in certain areas, though. My sewing room is off limits for smoking. It ruins the fabrics. I keep them in containers to prevent the smoke from getting to them, but there is no reason to encourage it.

Even as a smoker, I couldn’t stand the heavy smell of smoke. Most people didn’t realize I was a smoker! I drove with a window open. I cracked windows in the house. I sprayed with Lysol! You can’t stop the nicotine stains but I did not want to smell like an ashtray!!

I find that without the constant cigarette breaks, I get a great deal more accomplished. You just don’t realize how much time is wasted smoking! I was not a heavy smoker. I could go hours without a cigarette when working. But, at home, I tended to sit smoking cigarette after cigarette. I never got much of anything done around the house!!!

Now, I don’t really have a reason to stop. I have two sweaters I’m knitting – gotta keep those hands busy. I am working on a soap cutter. (the plans I came up with yesterday, didn’t work out – couldn’t get the supplies) I am creating an herb garden and I clean a great deal more now!!

I eat way more, too!! That is something I have to work on. It has only been 9 days and already I am needing a bigger size in pants!! Son #1 fixed my elliptical and I broke down and used it yesterday. I only last a couple of minutes, though. Those things are rough! It makes my knees hurt!!! 😦   I do ride my bike a bit more. Well, actually, I never rode it before, so any time spent on it is more than before! :O

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