the wanderings my mind takes

Day 11

Wow! I hurt in places I didn’t know I had. This staying busy so I won’t think about smoking has worked pretty good, but yesterday I think I over did it.

It actually started Saturday! There wasn’t anything to watch on the boob tube and I had the old man sitting right there. And my pea size brain says, ‘ Hey, I’ve got someone to help with the heavy stuff!’

So, at 6pm I get the great idea of cleaning carpets. Now for most people that would be a quick job. Not me! Even when I vacuum, I go over it and over it. Shampooing doesn’t get done too often around here. The carpets are so old, I think the dirt is all that’s holding them together! So the over and over part becomes over and over and over and over!!!!

When my sons were young, they seemed to break couches, alot! Hubby always insisted we couldn’t afford new, so I had other people’s cast offs. They didn’t start out in the best of condition. Then son #2 – for some reason – felt the only way to get onto the couch was at a full run and jump. You’d have thought he was practicing for an olympic event.

At about age 9 for son #2, I had enough with the curbside couches and went out hunting a new one. It needed to be sturdy. And short – we have an odd shaped livingroom. And I wanted reclining ends. And did I say sturdy, cause that can’t be said enough.

What I found was a La Z Boy apartment couch with two reclining sections and a steel frame!! There was no way the beasts were going to break this puppy. I could barely move it! Plus, they put this stuff on it so that nothing would soak in – for life!! Oh, yeah, I found a couch to out last my sons.

Well, 14 years later and I still have that couch. My hubby figures when you buy something new it stays new FOREVER! It has been shredded by cats. There is bare wood showing on the ends and a big hole in the back. The seat split because the fabric is brittle and the dang thing is heavy. I am not as young as I used to be and I swear it has put on weight. So, I clean around it, for the most part.

But, there sat my hubby. All comfortable in his recliner. And, I thought, ‘Hey, he can move the behemoth!’ So, that’s what I did. And that’s all he did!!

We pulled and tugged until the couch was in the middle of the livingroom. While I was getting out the vacuum to start the process, he slid out the back door. Longest bike ride in history. He later claimed he didn’t want to be in my way while I cleaned! Wow, am I married to a prince or what.

For a couple of hours, I went over and over that half of the floor and the water was always filthy. I finally gave up out of exhaustion. I sat fans blowing across the carpet and promptly fell asleep in my recliner. Not a good idea to sit down when you are that tired!

I woke about 3 am and crawled up the stairs and into bed.

At 10 am, I started on the other half of the floor. Now, my house isn’t filthy, but it sure is dusty. And cluttered. I had knitting books, magazines, yarn, gel pens, 4 tablets and much more, carefully stacked around my chair. And that was just my little 6 x 4 space! So, the cleaning of the carpet also included the cleaning and organizing of a great deal of junk. It was 7 pm when I finally finished.

I hurt everywhere!! Last night, it had already started. After I sat down, my butt muscles started cramping! Really, whose butt muscles cramp!! It hurt to walk, sit – even recline! I took 2 all day relief (Advil knockoff) and it was not a relief. So I added two 500mg pain relievers (again a knockoff! Why pay full price for names). Eventually, I passed out, but didn’t stop hurting. I woke myself up moaning!

Do you know that after all that cleaning – HE had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while we put the furniture back into the livingroom! I mean, really, couldn’t you let it smell good for at least a day! Oh well, at least I got the smell of the neighbors burning house out of there.

Now, to just get the walls and ceiling cleaned! 22 ft ceiling in there and there is no way I can clean it!!! That will have to wait for the insurance company to pay someone.

Today, I think I will sit on my tender backside and relax. My hands hurt too much to hold a cigarette, so that temptation should be bypassed. I hope there is something on the boob tube!

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