the wanderings my mind takes

Day 14

Today has been long! The new all in one printer kept answering my phone with the fax. No matter what I did, it still answered. So, I had to unhook everything and box it back up. Staples was very understanding and I got a HP instead. Shouldn’t have strayed.

I had made some Oatmeal Honey soap and poured it into PVC pipe 3 days ago. It has to set up longer in the pipe. We couldn’t get it out! I tried everything, every trick I could find online and still it stayed firmly in the pipe. Ugh!! Finally, I had my hubby cut each side of the pipe and we pulled the pipe apart. The soap still wanted to stay where it was. I had to get a frosting spatula out and slide it between the soap and pipe to get it off. UNREAL.

Let’s see what else. Oh, yeah, I have been in a low grade panic attack since waking at 6:35 am. I have tried all my little tricks and nothing has helped. I almost broke down and lit up. It is horrible trying to function during a panic attack and one that lasts all day is horrendous. As I type this, I can feel my insides bouncing around. I keep hitting the wrong keys. My breathing keeps catching. And, I can feel the clinch in my jaw.

Yeah, lots of fun.

If I make it through tonight, it will be a miracle!

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