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Let’s Play

Gonna try to post some pics today.

First some of the smoke damage in my livingroom.

smoke damage 2smoke damage 1

smoke damage 3

Not as bad as it could have been, but bad enough it won’t clean off. We finally got someone in that would give us an estimate to clean it and he informed us that after the cleaning it all had to be painted. He used some kind of sponge to test clean a few places and it just won’t all come off.

I thought it was just in the great room, but he wanted to check all the rooms and it is upstairs, too. Bummer!

Now, for my bacon soap! I made a batch of soap with bacon grease for part of the oils. I have been itching to do this for a while, but didn’t have a way to color it. I ordered a sample pack a few days ago and it came yesterday. So, today, I experimented. I think the meat part may be too red, though. I was trying to get a brown red using cocoa for the brown. Now I have colored with cocoa before and you have to be careful how much you put in. But, I think this time I needed to add a bit more.

Anyway, this is it in the mold. I tried to make it lumpy layers to look more like bacon. I can’t wait till tomorrow when I can cut this! I hope it turns out like I planned.

bacon soap a 82313bacon soap b82313

And now for my baby! He is the most precious, spoiled cat in all history. He is aptly named Taz because of course he is a monster! And for some reason, he decided today that he would sleep in his mama’s bed (she disappeared a year ago Sad smile)

Taz 82313

Using his ball for a pillow.

Got caught! He didn’t get up though. Much too tired. He only had 12 hours of sleep so far and that just won’t get a cat through the day!Taz awake 82313

As for my smoking, I made it through the night. It was iffy! I broke out the Starburst and pigged out. I have put on 8 pounds, already! Egads!! I tried to go for a bike ride after the binge, but it decided to pour down rain. What a surprise! I think we’ve only had 10 days in the last 2 months that it didn’t rain.

Last summer was a drought and this summer we are drowning.

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