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Bacon Soap

Couldn’t wait!! I started cutting into it before having my morning milk. Smile

I think it came out looking pretty good. The red isn’t quite what I had hoped for, but my bacon is just uncooked, is all.


bacon soap a82413 bacon soap b82413


I’m suppose to be showering so we can go select the new siding for the house. The adjuster called yesterday and gave us the settlement amount.

It’s weird, but no one would give us an estimate until they knew what the insurance was willing to pay. Sounds crooked to me. How are we to trust them?

The settlement seems a bit low. We had calculated for siding and other materials ourselves. It looks like we won’t be able to have it all done by others. They didn’t cover the damage inside except for what she calculated to be just the livingroom (the downstairs is a great room). We can’t paint half the room! Plus, what they are giving to have that job done will barely cover the paint!! Hubby said that he would climb the scaffolding to do the ceiling and upper walls. I’ll do the lower.

I would gladly do the upper if I could climb. But, I get dizzy and fall. Not a good thing to do. So, I will stay on the floor.

If we do it ourselves, we can go through and paint all the ceilings, too. She didn’t add in for the others and some areas are bad. Big problem, though. Hubby is the sort that believes ceilings can only be white. I don’t want white ceilings. So, the fight starts in about an hour. Come watch. Everyone in the stores will be. We are not quiet when we argue. He will growl and I will yell. I’m the loud one. This tiny 5’2” person can out bellow them all. And, when I get pissed, I get real loud.

And I can’t leave and have a smoke when he ticks me off. Hmmmmm, I may have to take chocolate along. I haven’t had meds in a couple of days, so I am grumpy without a reason. Today is going to be interesting.

Asked son #1 if he wanted to come with. He wisely stated that he would be sleeping. Tell me he doesn’t know his parents!

I’m going to try and plop my pinterest in here. I had pinned a couple of samples for the house and I am going to see if I can show them here, too.

Hmmm, not what I had expected. Oh, well. I am thinking a gray for the living area and green for the siding. He likes the dark green (wow, was I surprised. He never wants dark colors). I think I am leaning toward a medium.

I was online last night and discovered that at Hanson’s site, you can try on colors. It isn’t our house, though, it still gives us an idea. Our house has angles back and forth, so I thought this one would give me the closest look. The shingles are light gray, but because of the angles some look dark and others look light.

I had really wanted the brown siding. I love browns! But, alas, it looked awful with the shingles. Bummer.



Somewhere in this computer should be a pic of our house. Let me see if I can find one. Be right back.P8140005This was a while ago. I still have that car, but son #2 wrecked the front end. It sits in the second drive – all crinkled up. And that weeping cherry is so big! I am forever threatening to cut it down. They are cute when they are small, but big, yuck.

I got caught. I’m suppose to be getting ready and I am talking on here. Ooops! He already has the upper hand. Damn.

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