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Pretty Lil’ Posies: $250 Kitchen Makeover with $20 Granite Countertops…Faux Real!.

I am so doing this to my counters! I would like to do the cabinets, too, but hubby freaks every time I mention it. 😦

He is such a coward, sometimes. He’ll sleep outdoors with bears roaming but no way will he paint wood!!! I think I’ll have to just clean the cabinets to within an inch of their life (hoping it will change the shade :O ) and change the hardware.

The counters I have been thinking of painting a cream and then adding pale pink and gray veins. I’ve never veined with a feather before, so I better practice first. I may not like it, so time to get a board and test the pattern.  The kitchen walls are going to be this brownish mauve color. It is called mushroom and is at Lowes.

I finally decided on the living area. It will be Lowes Autumn Fog. It is a blue gray and surprisingly looks great next to the mushroom. Since it is really just one big running room, I need the colors to look good next to each other. I just can’t stand it all being the same color anymore, so I have picked a line to stop at and now it will be two rooms.

I wish I wasn’t broke, I want to start this NOW! Anyone want to buy an electronic knitting machine and ribber? You just have to drive to southeast Michigan to pick it up! Then I could redo my kitchen!!! 😉

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