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My new venture

almond soap 2My soaps are loved by my family and friends. They eagerly await my next experiment, often not waiting the cure time to use. So, I thought I would try selling them.

I’m not the greatest with the coloring yet. One I tried to swirl blue through ended upluxe soap 5 with gray. And, the one I made for myself, suppose to be purple!, ended up a mink color. Divine Soap 1But, all is still well. They may not be colored the way I had hoped, but the soaps are GREAT!

I have this oatmeal honey soap oatmeal scrub soap 3that makes me drool. Really! I had made it because so many people want it. I’m not into having stuff in the products I use. I don’t even like fragrances! But, this soap is soooooo nice. I don’t even notice any grit feel to it. I did grind up the oatmeal finer, but there would still be an exfoliant to the soap and I only get this silky feel from it.

I gave a bar to our mailwoman (old friend of the family) and she screeched her truck to a stop just to tell me how much she loved it. (We were hidden between the houses – working on the siding) So, it’s not just me that loves this stuff.

Funny, my sons won’t even try it. They hear oatmeal and think lady’s soap. Too bad for them, they are missing out.

I made a site on Etsy to sell the soaps. There are only about 8 different soaps at this time. As fast as I make them, they are gone. I may have to turn away my family and friends just to try and keep an inventory!

There are samples that can be purchased. I know I prefer to test a product out, so I made sure that it was easy to do for my soaps. I cut them thin enough to put in a #9 envelope and can fit up to 4 in a single one. That way, cost of shipping is minimal.

The site is

My store is named Second Street Soapery. Please, come check it out.

bacon soap 3cucumber mint soap 11

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