the wanderings my mind takes


I have spent the morning trying to market my soaps. I don’t think I’m very good at it. 😦

But, I did get another sale. For samples again, but this time it was 8 samples. Too bad it cost me $ to fulfill the order. I am really not doing something right.

Anyway, I decided that I want a more helpful to aging skin line. I have aging skin (technically we all do!) and it could use a bigger boost or I should say a more noticeable boost. Firstly, I am not real happy with growing older, secondly, people ask me if my soaps are good for the skin and don’t seem to feel that my look is what they are wanting, and thirdly, I don’t like what I see in the mirror as much as I used to. I know, I’m 53 and this is what happens. For 53, I am told that I look pretty good. But, I have all these pictures hanging on the walls of a younger me with my sons, a much younger me with a much younger hubby (wedding photos! man was I skinny!!! ugh!) and I kinda miss that skin. It was so supple and soft and YOUNG!

I know you can’t go back, but I want to help my skin as much as possible. So, once I get the meatloaf made and in the oven, it is hide in my room and read day. I have been saving and printing info for a few weeks. Have laptop will travel!

How about a quick poll? If there is anyone out there reading this, What kind of soaps do you like?

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