the wanderings my mind takes Crochet Stockinette.

So here I sit, supposedly working on my Etsy and I discovered this cool little stitch on Pinterest.

I know! I’m not going to pay for Christmas this way, but it isn’t like I’m selling anything anyway. I’d rather be yarning!!!! 😛

Anyway, if you like the look of knit but can’t seem to quite knit, then try this. I had seen something like it way back in the 80’s but I couldn’t get mine to look like knitting. I have since gotten my fingers to do the knit (maybe I should say gotten my brain wrapped around the knit) either way, I can finally knit.

But, I crochet like the wind. I did up a new baby afghan in just a night – total hours. I tore it out and started it over 3 nights in a row, then had to rush before I changed my mind again. :O

There are just too many things I want to make and not enough time or money. Bury me with yarn and fabric, maybe I can finish them in the hereafter.

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