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Stove repair

So, again today my stove wasn’t fixed! They showed up the day before Thanksgiving and didn’t have the correct part.

Now, I have a stove that does like your car. It tells you what is wrong! Granted with cars, it can be misleading – one thing is showing wrong because of another being broke. But, they had no parts for my stove whatsoever! I had to give the model, serial and fault display. Yet, they in their infinite wisdom, did not look it up or even read the info I had supplied.

The first visit went – ‘Oh, I don’t have any parts on the truck for a stove like that! We don’t usually get calls for stoves that new.’

Obviously he didn’t check my info.

The part was ordered. It took less than a week for the part to arrive. No one checked to make sure it was the correct part. They set up the day (they will not give even a window until the morning of the repair!) and I had to prepare to wait all day.

The morning of the repair, I was called at 7:30 am to be told that he would arrive between 10 am and 1 pm. GREAT!

Thirty minutes later, I was called to cancel because it was discovered that there was a part missing on the part ordered. She was rude and offered to cancel the repair all together. I was rude back but kept the repair offer.

I then called Lowe’s extended warranty department. I don’t care how long I am expected to wait. I will tell you how long I am willing to wait! But, this did not help. They do not care. I was transferred until lost. Waited an hour and called back. Transferred a couple of more times. Finally, someone is putting me through to their manager! 20 minutes that woman made me sit on hold. 20 minutes of my life lost so she could pull my chain.

Now, I have spent my life in some type of customer service. People are hard to cope with. I get it and I know when it comes to customer service, I expect a lot! But, this new breed of customer service is for the birds. They don’t really care if they help you or not. Go to another company! There are 10 more waiting to do business with us – right behind you.

So, in earlier posts I had shown how my neighbors house burning had damaged ours. We have spent so much at Lowe’s repairing that we opened a charge. And they don’t care.

They don’t care if you spent $5 or $5000 in their business. This is how they run their business and it will not change for you – a lowly little individual that just wants her stupid stove fixed before Christmas is ruined!!!!!

I admit I was yelling before I hung up. I have the patience of a saint – except when I feel screwed. If she would have even stated that someone from our store would be calling to try to arrange anything. Or, sent over a toaster oven. I would have been grateful.

But, she didn’t. She put it off on me. ‘ I will arrange another company to come out, but they will only show up on the 9th and do a diagnostic, before ordering a part. That is all we can do.’

And this is all I can do. I can vent online. I’m not telling you to not buy from Lowe’s. I’m telling you to think long and hard about the repercussions of that purchase. If you get your frig from there with an extended warranty and in 3 years are hosting a large business party – the frig goes out two weeks before. Do you buy another frig or hope they get it fixed in time? This may be grandma’s last Thanksgiving and you are cooking – the oven won’t turn on. Do you serve her store bought and cooked bird or hope they show up with the correct parts.

Cause any plans you make in the future could be screwed. I don’t mean ‘OMG, I woke up and the stupid thing won’t light!’ I mean, I’m still on the waiting list for a visit to see what is wrong, kind.

And now, I think I’ll go back to smoking. I was actually crying on the phone, I was so frustrated. I know smoking will kill me, but I think I prefer it over suicide from dealing with heartless companies. I just have to force myself out in this cold cruel world to buy some damn cigarettes.

Maybe, I’ll just go back to bed. It is much easier and closer and cheaper.

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