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Day 3 of 6 days off

Day 1, I thought I had 3 days off. I had strained muscles in my back a couple of days before, so I relaxed all day.

In the evening, I run up to work to get my schedule. I work in a chain grocery store, so days and hours are always different. My first reaction was ‘ Oh, no! That’s not right!!’ I had the first 3 days of the week off. That made 6 days in a row! Plus, very few hours for the work week.

By day 2, I was thinking that this wasn’t so bad. My back could heal and I could putt around the house doing things I never seemed to get to.

Today, I woke early. My husband and oldest son went off to a machinist show. My younger son went off to work. I AM ALL ALONE! Except for the cat, who went outside an hour ago and still hasn’t returned.

Yeehaw! I am free, free I tell you! I can sit on my bottom and watch whatever I want on the boob-tube. Or, I can sew uninterrupted. Whatever I want for the next few hours.

Hmmmm, now what to do? Younger son did bring home small appliances that a woman gave him for helping her move. I could test those out. I plan to put them in the annual neighborhood garage sale and need to know they work.

He was so thrilled to bring them home to me. “You wanted a breadmaker! And here is an ice cream maker, too”

“But, honey, I have them and no one eats the stuff I make in them.”

I broke his heart by already owning versions of what he brought home. He is 25 and still so adorable!

First up, bread machine. They want cinnamon bread. Great, that should be easy. I have a recipe somewhere.

Well, I thought I did. Fine, french bread it is. Halfway through the cycle, I found the cinnamon bread machine recipe – it would figure. 😦  They will just have to eat french toast.

Next, I will make ice cream. Whoa, this looks like a great recipe for pineapple upside down cupcakes. Those go good with ice cream. I need to go to the store, though. Wait, younger son borrowed car. Hmmm, can’t make cupcakes.

Where is that darn cat! He still hasn’t come home. I guess I’ll have to hunt him down. Look, a remote control truck! I should see if it works.

Boy, I need to vacuum. Unfortunately, it is next to the laundry. I’ll just fold these clothes first. Maybe, I should get out of my pjs.

Doorbell, No thank you. Now, what was I doing. Oh, yeah, getting dressed. Egads, I need wrinkle cream. I’ll just slather it everywhere!!

Ice cream. That is what I was doing. I’ll just jump online and find a different recipe, this one is boring.

Four hours after I got out of bed, I have accomplished nothing! It’s funny how a person could be so organized at work but lose it at home.

Only 3 1/2 days to go! Wonder if I’ll make it.  😉

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