the wanderings my mind takes

First thing, I now am off only 5 days. My co-worker was in a rollover accident Saturday. They are okay, but her son has a follow-up dr. visit tomorrow. I will go in for her at work.

So day 4 was a wash. Storms were moving in and my back hurt so much! We did get to Lowe’s and bought the replacement peach tree. The poor thing had to be shoved into the back of the Jeep. We hit Walmart and I found a couple of pods with seeds for cilantro and basil.

I decided that since we have to tear out the little pond (turns out it is 2″ into the neighbors yard and they are selling!) that it would make a great herb garden there.

Today, I am testing my bread machines head to head. I couldn’t decide which one to keep. The bread from the Sunbeam came out well. Younger son ate most of it with just butter. But, which to keep? So, I have cinnamon bread going in both. I used the same recipe in both and even made sure the temps of milk and butter were the same. I just have to make sure I don’t get them mixed up when they come out.

I think I am going to keep the Rival ice cream maker. I have a Cuisinart one and it takes a great deal of cabinet space. Whereas with the Rival, the top is the only part you put in the cabinet. The whole base goes in the freezer. That thing freezes fast, too.

The name on the machine doesn’t always mean for a better machine. I paid for the name and find I prefer the lower costing machine. I wonder if it will be true of the breadmakers? Cuisinart against Sunbeam

Off to quilt! Before the back starts hurting again.

Hah! Before I could finish that sentence, hubby came in with blocks of wood for my sewing table. I had the great idea that my back wouldn’t hurt as much if it was higher. Now my back hurts from helping him get the blocks under it. I had to pull out the very large, heavy drawers so he could lift each end while I slid the block under each end. Blahhh! I think I’ll sit and let my back rest a minute before trying to quilt.

Oh, I found a recipe in my old files for sweet onion sauce. This is a clone of Subway’s sauce and it was good!!

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