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Going to try it!

Today, I am going to try making my own toilet bowl fizzy bombs. I checked out a few different recipes, but the one I want to try has peroxide in it and to me that is the endall!

Here is a link to the site that I got the recipe from:

I made my own seasoning salt this morning. If I can find the site I got the recipe from, I’ll add that link also. I changed it a bit. I had to have more paprika! Love me some paprika and it seemed a bit heavy in black pepper. All in all, a good smelling recipe, though. We’ll see when I try it out.

I usually make my own taco seasoning, but someone threw out my container when it was empty! Ugh!! At least, they recycled. I live with too many men and they don’t always think ahead.

Oh well, I will pick up a large shaker of taco seasoning at GFS and refill with my own when it is empty. It’s only a few bucks, I just like making my own. Cheaper to buy a filled container than an empty one! 😮

Bye for now

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