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Day 3 of 6 days off

Day 1, I thought I had 3 days off. I had strained muscles in my back a couple of days before, so I relaxed all day.

In the evening, I run up to work to get my schedule. I work in a chain grocery store, so days and hours are always different. My first reaction was ‘ Oh, no! That’s not right!!’ I had the first 3 days of the week off. That made 6 days in a row! Plus, very few hours for the work week.

By day 2, I was thinking that this wasn’t so bad. My back could heal and I could putt around the house doing things I never seemed to get to.

Today, I woke early. My husband and oldest son went off to a machinist show. My younger son went off to work. I AM ALL ALONE! Except for the cat, who went outside an hour ago and still hasn’t returned.

Yeehaw! I am free, free I tell you! I can sit on my bottom and watch whatever I want on the boob-tube. Or, I can sew uninterrupted. Whatever I want for the next few hours.

Hmmmm, now what to do? Younger son did bring home small appliances that a woman gave him for helping her move. I could test those out. I plan to put them in the annual neighborhood garage sale and need to know they work.

He was so thrilled to bring them home to me. “You wanted a breadmaker! And here is an ice cream maker, too”

“But, honey, I have them and no one eats the stuff I make in them.”

I broke his heart by already owning versions of what he brought home. He is 25 and still so adorable!

First up, bread machine. They want cinnamon bread. Great, that should be easy. I have a recipe somewhere.

Well, I thought I did. Fine, french bread it is. Halfway through the cycle, I found the cinnamon bread machine recipe – it would figure. 😦  They will just have to eat french toast.

Next, I will make ice cream. Whoa, this looks like a great recipe for pineapple upside down cupcakes. Those go good with ice cream. I need to go to the store, though. Wait, younger son borrowed car. Hmmm, can’t make cupcakes.

Where is that darn cat! He still hasn’t come home. I guess I’ll have to hunt him down. Look, a remote control truck! I should see if it works.

Boy, I need to vacuum. Unfortunately, it is next to the laundry. I’ll just fold these clothes first. Maybe, I should get out of my pjs.

Doorbell, No thank you. Now, what was I doing. Oh, yeah, getting dressed. Egads, I need wrinkle cream. I’ll just slather it everywhere!!

Ice cream. That is what I was doing. I’ll just jump online and find a different recipe, this one is boring.

Four hours after I got out of bed, I have accomplished nothing! It’s funny how a person could be so organized at work but lose it at home.

Only 3 1/2 days to go! Wonder if I’ll make it.  😉

This homemade deodorant recipe really works. I have tried numerous brands and recipes for homemade deodorant and nothing works like this. Easy to make and uses coconut oil.

Source: Make Your Own: Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Coconut Oil



Going to try it!

Today, I am going to try making my own toilet bowl fizzy bombs. I checked out a few different recipes, but the one I want to try has peroxide in it and to me that is the endall!

Here is a link to the site that I got the recipe from:

I made my own seasoning salt this morning. If I can find the site I got the recipe from, I’ll add that link also. I changed it a bit. I had to have more paprika! Love me some paprika and it seemed a bit heavy in black pepper. All in all, a good smelling recipe, though. We’ll see when I try it out.

I usually make my own taco seasoning, but someone threw out my container when it was empty! Ugh!! At least, they recycled. I live with too many men and they don’t always think ahead.

Oh well, I will pick up a large shaker of taco seasoning at GFS and refill with my own when it is empty. It’s only a few bucks, I just like making my own. Cheaper to buy a filled container than an empty one! 😮

Bye for now

First thing, I now am off only 5 days. My co-worker was in a rollover accident Saturday. They are okay, but her son has a follow-up dr. visit tomorrow. I will go in for her at work.

So day 4 was a wash. Storms were moving in and my back hurt so much! We did get to Lowe’s and bought the replacement peach tree. The poor thing had to be shoved into the back of the Jeep. We hit Walmart and I found a couple of pods with seeds for cilantro and basil.

I decided that since we have to tear out the little pond (turns out it is 2″ into the neighbors yard and they are selling!) that it would make a great herb garden there.

Today, I am testing my bread machines head to head. I couldn’t decide which one to keep. The bread from the Sunbeam came out well. Younger son ate most of it with just butter. But, which to keep? So, I have cinnamon bread going in both. I used the same recipe in both and even made sure the temps of milk and butter were the same. I just have to make sure I don’t get them mixed up when they come out.

I think I am going to keep the Rival ice cream maker. I have a Cuisinart one and it takes a great deal of cabinet space. Whereas with the Rival, the top is the only part you put in the cabinet. The whole base goes in the freezer. That thing freezes fast, too.

The name on the machine doesn’t always mean for a better machine. I paid for the name and find I prefer the lower costing machine. I wonder if it will be true of the breadmakers? Cuisinart against Sunbeam

Off to quilt! Before the back starts hurting again.

Hah! Before I could finish that sentence, hubby came in with blocks of wood for my sewing table. I had the great idea that my back wouldn’t hurt as much if it was higher. Now my back hurts from helping him get the blocks under it. I had to pull out the very large, heavy drawers so he could lift each end while I slid the block under each end. Blahhh! I think I’ll sit and let my back rest a minute before trying to quilt.

Oh, I found a recipe in my old files for sweet onion sauce. This is a clone of Subway’s sauce and it was good!!

Day 4 of 6

Yesterday, I did manage to get something done. I had to pull myself away from the computer and focus before it happened, though.

What really got me inspired was work calling! I had bread in the maker, ice cream prepping in the food processor, laundry in both dryer and washer. The phone rings. They had 6 people call off. Now usually, I jump at the chance to pick up extra hours. But, there was 2 hours left on the breadmaker and the ice cream still had to go in the maker. Plus, I had let younger son take my car! I couldn’t go.

The guilt of not going made me activate. Not only did I finish the above, but I finished a quilt top and started quilting it. I made mashed potatoes, fried chicken and asparagus for dinner. Then I rewarded myself with old episodes of Elementary and playing cards on the puter.

Today, on the other hand, has thus far been a bust. I slept in till 9:30. Rewatched the new Star Wars trailers and dug out my dvds for the old ones. Decided to be brave and wash my winter coat (so it will snow as soon as I put it away, watch and see!), along with the once clean but the cat slept on them sheets (my fault for leaving them out in the open 😦 .

My back is knotted from hunching over the sewing machine. I’m not sure if I want to do much sewing today. No matter where I adjust the seat to, I still hunch when sewing. Old habits, I guess. Maybe, I’ll rethink my sewing table. My husband made it years ago from a hotel’s thrown out dresser and counter. It has these huge drawers and I can cut right there where I sit, but the level is not adjustable and you can’t move the thing at all. It is so heavy that it has never been moved since he put it there. I think I want to cut out a section and make it adjustable for the sewing machine. Then I can move the machine up or down. That might not help so much with the back, but it would be great to have the sewing flush with the table.

A trip to Lowes is in our future! 🙂  Besides, he needs to get another peach tree, ours has bores or blight or something. I told him to rip it out before it roots any deeper (last year, I told him last year!!! ) It is still young, so the roots shouldn’t be too deep yet. I got one harvest and made jam before it was struck.

Hmm, I’m procrastinating. So much to do and no ambition. Maybe I’ll watch Star Wars all day! 😉

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